British Airways: media campaign

A magical content experience for First customers 

‘Let’s put a forest in a departure lounge!’ As ideas go, it was out there. But our BA Media team, the media sales operation we’ve run for the airline since 1973, is not afraid to be bold, and has become known for its pioneering work in ambient and experiential media – especially in airport lounges.

Interpreting the brief

The back story was that British Airways had invited the celebrated British designer Alice Temperley to design inflight amenities and products for First passengers. Both brands were naturally keen to maximise the value of their new partnership –­ and celebrate it in a surprising, creative way.

With Alice’s designs inspired by the romance of the British countryside, what better way to bring them to life than by featuring her clothes in a futuristic interpretation of a rural idyll?

Brand partnership innovation

This was our most ambitious installation yet: an illuminated glade within Terminal 5’s First lounge – a first-class space for guests to wander through surrounded by Alice’s exquisite, bohemian designs.

While only a privileged few would get to experience the fashion runway first-hand, by using print, social and online channels, we were able to bring the forest to the people – and celebrate Alice’s involvement – through a range of different media.

We featured in-depth profiles in BA’s First magazine and The Club (the monthly online magazine for members of BA’s loyalty scheme); news items in the Business Life and High Life inflight magazines; as well as a flock of social media posts across both BA and Alice Temperley accounts.

The campaign saw high engagement among predominantly female 25- to 34-year-old customers – an audience highly coveted by advertisers – and was deemed a resounding success, both in terms of brand awareness and social sentiment.


Number of high-flyers who experienced Temperley's illuminated forest


Likes and reshares on social media


Estimated readership through The Club, Business Life and High Life

‘Collaborating with Cedar on the Temperley London installation in the British Airways lounges at Terminal 5 was a seamless creative process. The installation that Cedar designed and produced gives British Airways customers an authentic and memorable experience of my brand’

Fashion designer Alice Temperley