Taikoo Li Qiantan: WeChat magazine

Creating digital wellness content on WeChat

An immersive experience  

How do you bring wellness to Shanghai’s most influential millennial and Gen Z audiences? This was a central objective for Taikoo Li Qiantan, when they issued a competitive pitch in late 2019.

Taikoo Li Qiantan is a retail complex in Shanghai. Ahead of its opening in September 2021, it wanted to promote its overall brand proposition, ‘Live Well with Heart’, and its positioning as a Heart of Urban Living.

With the complex still under construction, it didn’t have anything tangible to show the Shanghai community: and this is when they turned to content. 

Holistic approach

We came up with《优YŌU》, a bilingual wellness magazine that would live primarily on China’s ubiquitous WeChat platform and that would encapsulate the modern wellness conversation in Shanghai.

We conceived of the name – meaning ‘excellent’, ‘superior’ and ‘outstanding’ in Chinese – established the pillars and visual language of the magazine around a holistic view of wellness, and then created all the content.

Fully interactive design

Apart from engaging storytelling, we wanted to take advantage of the cutting-edge digital capabilities of H5 on mobile devices – including interactivity, side-scrolling, animation, GIFs and audio.

This resulted in an ambitious, immersive experience that breaks new ground in the realm of WeChat magazines. In partnership with a technical build agency, we oversaw the creation and design of the content in the app, to ensure that it came fully to life. 

‘We’re thrilled to be the first retail complex in Shanghai to launch a WeChat magazine before its opening. In creating something special that resonates with our brand messaging, together with such a professional team at Cedar, we hope that YŌU will inspire our customers to “live well” with us at Taikoo Li Qiantan’

Alan Lo, General Manager – Portfolio, Taikoo Li Qiantan